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About Alan Hammock

For every aspect of real estate that exists, Alan Hammock has had his hands in it. It’s that experience which has made Alan the “jack-of-all-trades” of Lighthouse Realty Professionals. Whether it be project management, home building, land acquisition, transaction management, or his work as an agent, Alan brings 10 years of area expertise and know-how to the fold. Alongside Pamela Hammock, the company founder and his wife of 36 years, Alan’s been an integral part since the company’s inception and is the proud patriarch of the Hammock “real estate family” that has embraced Savannah so wholeheartedly. Though known for his ability to get even the most difficult job done, he’s even better known as the down-to-earth, born and bred, slice-of-Savannah-life who begins each and every morning by surfing and appreciating the surrounding community he has always called his home.

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